Hi! It's Jess!

I’ve made lots of new friends lately, so it seems like a great time for a re-introduction!

I’m Jessica Willburn (my husband loves to remind me it’s still legally Jessica Liukko... sorry I’m lazy and don’t feel like going and getting it changed 😂). 

While my general title is overall BOSS lady, my life and career titles have changed in the past couple years, but I love each and every hat I wear with all my heart.

August 20, 2016, I became a wife, and I love my crazy, goofy, athletic, inspiring, life/Fitness coach of a husband, Chris (@chriswillburnfitness on instagram and FB) .

July 29, 2017,  I became a mom. This is my favorite hat of all time!

Charlie is the best little girl, being her mom is the most rewarding responsibility I’ve ever been honored with.

I’ve been a colorist/Balayage specialist since 2007, and I’m SO lucky to have found a passion and career at such a young age.

Making clients feel beautiful and building relationships is something I feel so strongly about, I can’t believe it’s my job!

In 2009 I began teaching Balayage and Advanced Color. I found a second passion in teaching and my craft began to really flourish as I watched other artists' skills improve because of my teachings!

I love watching it “click” for an artist just as much as I love when a client cries happy tears because they’ve never felt as beautiful as they do at the end of our service. ♥️.

Almost a year ago I released my first online course for hairdressers! This was HUGE for me. This was my baby! I created everything from the content/filming to the website and course function all by myself!

It’s been a crazy year of being pregnant, launching my course, growing my business, having Charlie, selling our old house and buying a new home!

Now I’m getting ready to help other artists grow their businesses and become boss ladies themselves!

I have new online courses and lots of smaller online workshops and classes planned for 2018!

If you’re a licensed hairdresser I also invite you to come join my free Facebook group! I try to go live in there a few times a month, I share lots of free education and formulas and it’s a really great positive community!